zeroprofileZero Profile Option

Cervical with Modularity
• Open window maximizes graft placement
• Corticocancellous screw option
• Modular plating options with multiple screw placements and trajectories
• Multiple sizes and configurations


• Designed to facilitate micro and macro-environments conducive to tissue regeneration
• Zero profile anteriorly
• Open anteriorly for easy graft placement
• Modularity allows surgeon to address anatomical challenges

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certexCertex Spinal Fixation System

The X-spine Certex™ Spinal Implant System consists of screws, hooks, rods, and cross connectors. Various sizes of these implants are available so that adaptations can be made to take into account pathology and individual patient anatomy. It is intended to promote fusion of the subaxial cervical spine and cervico-thoracic junction (C3 – T3 inclusive).


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