zigZygaFix® Facet Fusion System

The system is designed to provide fusion and stabilization of the facet joint (also called the zygapophyseal joint) in eligible patients whom appropriate non-surgical treatment has failed. The device is made to be placed through a minimally invasive approach, and incorporates a hollow fenestrated titanium compression screw with internal bone graft in order to achieve a solid fusion. The titanium implant is packed with bone graft, reportedly creating a fusion mass across the facet joint and imparting long-term stability. The implant and instrumentation suite is meant to allow either for open or minimally invasive exposure. The implant can be placed through a simple trans-facet approach in addition to typical facet approaches.


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fix Fixcet® Spinal Facet Screw System

The X-spine Fixcet® Spinal Facet Screw System is a unique percutaneous facet screw system offering dual-compression thread and single-thread screws. It is intended for posterior fixation to the lumbar spine (L1 to S1 inclusive). It is a bilateral, transfacet fixation of the facet joint in order to provide stability for fusion.


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visThe first lumbar interbody device featuring a revolutionary open-face design.
VisuALIF®'s open access allows surgeons to visualize disc and end plate preparation and pack the graft after placement for maximum volume and efficacy.

Lumbar Made Simple
• Modular plating options with multiple screw placements and trajectories
• Locking snap-on face plate
• Open window maximizes graft placement
• Multiple sizes and configurations


• Designed to create a micro-environment to aid in tissue regeneration
• Zero profile anteriorly
• Open anteriorly for graft placement
• Modularity allows surgeon to address anatomical challenges

+ FDA Clearance 510(k) #K102090 as a stand alone device


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axleAxle® Interspinous Fusion System

The Axle® Interspinous Fusion System is an internal fixation device for spinal surgery in the non-cervical spine (T1-S1 inclusive). It is a minimally invasive, modular Interspinous fusion system with straightforward instrumentation. The Axle® Interspinous Fusion System is designed to provide spinal stability for lumbar fusion procedures, including the treatment of degenerative disc disease, spinal tumors and trauma.
The Axle® Interspinous Fusion System line will be expanding in Q4 2013, to include an extended variety of lengths and sizes.


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hgraftH-Graft® Spinal Implant System

The H-Graft system is comprised of structural allograft implants designed for insertion into the interspinous space for the purpose of creating an interspinous and interlaminar fusion.

The system includes a comprehensive instrumentation suite which allows for both lateral and dorsal approaches to the interspinous space, and can be placed with or without an intact interspinous ligament. The H-Graft system is an ideal partner to the AXLE interspinous and FIXCET trans-facet systems.


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calixCalix PC™ Spinal Implant System

The Calix PC is an intervertebral body fusion system consisting of titanium porous-coated PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) spinal implants. X-spine utilizes a unique plasma coating process to selectively adhere a commercially-pure titanium coating to the bone-apposing surfaces of the device. As a result, the Calix PC demonstrated improved resistance to device expulsion versus a non-coated device in laboratory testing.


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silexSilex™ Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System

The X-spine Silex™ Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System consists of two unique diameter cannulated implants offered in various lengths, in full and partially threaded configurations to accommodate variations in patient anatomy. It is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion for conditions including degenerative sacroiliitis and sacroiliac joint disruptions.


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arcadiusArcadius™XP L Spinal System

The ideal combination of optimized stability, improved imaging properties, and operational simplicity, the ArcadiusXP L is a unique interbody device offering an intuitive approach to ALIF procedures. The ArcadiusXP L is intended for spinal fusion procedures at one or two contiguous levels in the lumbar spine from L2 to S1.


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