Effective Non Drug Treatment for Chronic & Acute Pain

device1Pulsed Stimulated Treatment (P-STIM) is an FDA approved pain treatment program blending conventional acupuncture therapy with contemporary scientific technology. P-STIM delivers effective, continuous pain relief to your patients in a safe, personal and discreet device.




earP-STIM is a small, discreet device that is applied behind a patient’s ear and weighs only seven grams. Once installed, P-STIM provides a steady current of low frequency electrical impulses to specific, targeted nerve endings located in the outer ear to relieve specific types of pain.



• Natural, non-drug treatment for pain with little or no side-effects
• Non-addictive
• Performed in 15 minutes or less
• No anesthesia procedure
• Suitable for all ages and almost all physical conditions
• Percutaneously placed with little or no complication (no incision)
• No organ damage caused by medications
• Self contained, miniaturized, battery-powered, providing continuous stimulation
• Small, light and comfortable enough to wear behind the ear for 4 days
• Light weight (7g), allowing a patient to enjoy normal daily activities
• Patients have reported an improvement in their quality of life
• Most patients can return to completely normal or nearly normal activities immediately


Studies have shown that P-STIM enhances the release of natural endorphins by activating cranial nerves that result in physiological changes in functional brain activities, which has been confirmed with MRI.


While acute pain sufferers may experience total elimination of pain after one single treatment, chronic pain sufferers may require multiple sessions. Some patients, having solely relied upon narcotic drug therapies, have been able to discontinue the use of these conventional medicines.



Due to the fact that acute and chronic pain sufferers have different needs, P-STIM can be customized for individual patients. The initial application is designed to immediately mitigate pain and provide early relief. Additional treatments are then adapted toward addressing each patient’s needs. Patients with post-operative pain have also benefited from reduced pain and less narcotic consumption and side effects. It is recommended that therapies be applied for up to nine weeks, as each treatment provides accumulated pain relief.


• Back Pain
• Cervical Pain (neck pain)
• Sciatic Pain (lower back and leg pain)
• Cancer Pain
• Headache - Migraine, Tension, Cluster, etc.
• Post-Operative Pain
• Rheumatoid Arthritis and Joint Pain
• Diabetic Neuropathy (diabetic nerve pain)
• Depression
• Insomnia
• Fibromyalgia
• Sports Injuries
• Shingles
• And many other indications


Studies indicate that P-STIM enhances the release of natural endorphins by activating cranial nerves. This produces physiological changes in functional activities within the brain, which has been confirmed with MRI. When treatment is done, the P-STIM device is completely disposable.


Although the P-STIM pain relief treatment is designed to be minimally invasive with virtually no side effects, it is necessary to note advised contraindications where a physician would determine the feasibility of application and continued usage.

• Certain heart conditions may prevent usage – no clinical data available
• Recent organ transplants
• History of seizures
• Haemophilia Psoriasis vulgaris (an intact skin surface is required for use of P-STIM)


Relative Contraindications:

• Anti-coagulant therapy
• Recent transplant
• Site infection


Relative Contraindications are:

• Pregnancy
• Pacemakers
• Contact dermatitis to adhesives (latex allergy)
• The occurrence of an MI (Myocardial Infraction) within the last 6 months


All indications are up to the discretion of the physician in charge and it is the responsibility of the supervising physician to review the patient’s condition before treatment.




"I had headaches, arthritis, pain in the neck and shoulders, and stress on and off for five years. It got to a point that I could not take it any longer. I went to a medical doctor who gave me Motrin- Flexural-Pain Killers and physical therapy. I went to a chiropractor until he could no longer help. I went back to medical doctor and surgery was the only thing left to do. I was introduced to P-STIM as an alternate. With P-STIM, I now feel great! I no longer have headaches. I have no problem with my neck or shoulder. I feel amazing thanks to P-STIM."

  - John F.

"I have Degenerative Joint Disease in my neck and upper back, accelerated from working at a computer all day. I tried physical therapy, exercises, chiropractic, and drugs. Nothing gave any lasting relief. Then I was introduced to the P- STIM device. Through successive treatments, my back and neck pain is so much better!"
  - Marie J.

"Last year, I had a severe sciatica problem which effectively crippled me. I couldn't bend over without a great deal of pain. It radiated all the way down to the bottom of my foot from my lower back. I tried exercises and medication for the extreme pain but nothing helped until I was introduced to the P-STIM. After my first session, to my utter amazement, my sciatica pain had decreased significantly. By my last session, the pain was entirely gone and I have not had a relapse since."
  - David G.

"I had a nasty fall resulting in major back pain. I went to the doctor only to receive pain medication. I continued to have pain 6 weeks later and no re lief with the pain medication. I was introduced to the P-STIM device by my doctor. I was a bit skeptical but was willing to try anything to alleviate my back pain. The procedure was quick and painless. After my first session I could not believe how much my pain had diminished. I could not be happier!"
  - Laura G.


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